Freret Beer Annex is a Freret neighborhood-focused liquor store. Like Freret Beer Room, we focus on quality products no matter the price point. Expect a wide variety of craft beers from near and far, a smart wine selection, and interesting, specialized liquors.

Why Us?

We are experts in beer, wine, and food. We want to help you find the best dining experience, whether you're dining with us or in your home. That's where the Annex comes in. Let us know what you're having for dinner, and we'll find the perfect match.


We commit to our local brewers so that they will do the same in our community. That said, the world of beer is vast, and we don't ignore the fantastic beers coming from the rest of the country and abroad.


A smaller selection than Costco, to be sure. But, each wine at any price point you pick out from us is hand-selected for quality and value. We pick wines foremost with taste in mind, but love wines that are natural, organic, and pick many from female wine makers.